Friday, January 3, 2014


Hood by Air 2014, Tokyo Milk, Sweatthestyle, Nike flyknit, backpack, Kith beanie, flandana
1. TOKYOMILK, Tainted Love No. 62 I hate the idea of wearing a scent that everyone and their mother are wearing (see: Mugler Angel, Burberry Body, Dolce The One, etc.) I recently discovered TokyoMilk - all smells are deeelish + long lasting, ridiculously inexpensive and the perfect size to throw in your bag. I was instantly drawn to Tainted Love - Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea + Sandalwood
2. HOOD BY AIR, Long sleeve logo tee
3. KITH beanie, (also loving the army green color)
4. Flandana, a recent present from my sister. Reminds me of what Tupac + John Wayne's lovechild would wear if he/she was born in a cozy Aspen ski house. Obsessed.
5. Sweatthestyle by Adrienne Ho, my recent workout inspHo. Adrienne Ho's new site covers everything, "a fun community to stay fly, strong, nourished and most importantly hydrated." A quick daily browse is the kick in the ass I need to git to the Jim. This woman is a boss.
6. COTE & CIEL Black New Flat Rhine Backpack, love the clean, minimal + boxy shape of this backpack. Perfect for the gym + beyond.
7. Nike flyknit racer, one look at these bad boys and it's #nodaysoff

+ my current go-to workout jams:

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