Wednesday, May 1, 2013


After all her hard werk, my sister's first collection made its debut tore the runway down this weekend at her senior fashion show. 'The Beat of Urban Art' by Angela LoMedico brought the audience to life with a standing ovation and a no-competition, no-brainer first place award. Inspired by the beginning of hip-hop and New York street art; her pieces powerfully portray the emotion and energy of NYC culture, and the physical edge and toughness of it's streets.

Each look mastered a high-street relationship between textured fabrics, strong shoulders and clean lines.  Athletic inspired sportswear in bold metropolitan tones + striking neon accents freshly reflected the City's energy, grit + ambition. In a collection that may have otherwise been too left-field for most of the audience and judges, her construction was the obvious champion that proved too explicit to ignore. 

Jay Z's 'Death of Autotune' made it the perfectly paired audio/visual experience as the models stormed the runway, finished in snapbacks, tube socks and headphones. To say that she lived and breathed this collection over the past 12 months is as clear as each line, cut and fit. My girl is good.

Click for the start to finish, moodboard-to-runway story of Angela LoMedico's 'The Beat of Urban Art' 

Inspiration boards/sketches:

Backstage & Finale

My bish slayed (!!!) Proud is a MASSIVE understatement; if you don't feel this 'beat' you don't have a pulse.
Get familiar with the name people.

The Beat of Urban Art by Angela LoMedico

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