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bra·va·do noun \brə-ˈvä-(ˌ)dō\
a : blustering swaggering conduct b : A bold manner or a show of boldness; a pretense of bravery

After reading her interview in Vogue's The Editor's Eye... Eye have been completely obsessed + inspired by the spirit + personality that is Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. A real tastemaker; fearless yet effortless; youth and energy. Former Fashion Editor and Editor at Large at Vogue, CCdD's "salade" was in-your-face fresh and different when the fashion world needed it most. In an industry that most times takes itself too seriously; when some view runway as the end-all and look 3 is plopped into the pages of magazines lifeless and uninspiring, Carlyne is the flavor, spice, the hot haute sauce. Upbeat, funky, big; this woman does not give a fck what you think,
and it shows in everything she does.

From Vogue's, The Editor's Eye
"Everyone tells me, "Carlyne, I don't even have to see your name on the page , I know it's you." I mean, it's my Cerf Style, the mix, my mix. I never take clothes of designers, like runway look number five of whoever, and shoot just that. I always do my own salade. I have always done it, that's what I am known for. I was the first to mix a Chanel jacket with jeans. Cheap and expensive, I don't care. Chic is not because you have money. You are entirely dressed in I-don't-know-what and that means you are chic? Non! For personal chic, you need to mix your own shit and make it happen. I love to do gold with shit, you know? It's my thing. Gold with shit. J'adore ça. Me, my favorite thing in the world is Adidas, but I wear it with diamonds or a pave Rolex. That for me is what chic is. La simplicité."
In honor of Cerfitude, a moodboard/salade of some of her editorial, and quotes from various interviews :

Michaela Bercu by Steven Meisel Vogue October 1986
"Well, my childhood comes from my mother. She was the most unimaginable woman I’ve known, so different from other women. My mother was eccentric, flamboyant, and extravagant, with inborn elegance. She was amazing, not frightened of anyone, absolutely not. She was brought up as a countess but was a total noncomformist."

Michaela Bercu by Peter Lindbergh, Vogue US, 1988
"I put this Lacroix T-shirt with the jeans. I can’t remember if they were her jeans or mine, but I wanted to put a jean with the top. Back then I was the only one wearing my Chanel jacket with jeans, so I said, 'let’s go with the jeans!' I’ve done this my whole life: always cheap with expensive. This is what personal style is! You don’t need money to look good. You just need to put yourself together. Money is not the most important thing in life, absolument! This is timeless and divine.”

Editha Dussler by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia 1990

Alaiā by Jean Baptiste-Mondino, US Vogue November 1991
Yasmeen Ghauri by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue Italia, 1991
(On growing up in the South of France:) "People were not thinking about “fashion,” they had personal style. Some were chic and some weren’t but it wasn’t important. What they had in the brain was more important. There were no trends. I hate trends. I cannot stand them. You need to make [style] your own."

Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel, Vogue December 1989
"Fashion was not a question of clothes. It was more about attitude, intelligence, the way to be, the simplicity of it. The personality of all these people at this time was much more than clothes. No one cared. It was not about money, it was about having fun. Now, people judge you by the names you wear—it’s fake. It did not make any difference if you rode in a 2 CV, Vespa, or convertible Jaguar E-Type."

Naomi Campbell by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia 1990

“People don’t have fun anymore,” she told Holgate in 2012. “Me, I love to have fun! I am not an intellectual. Fashion is not intellectual. We are not doctors, you know? We are working in fashion. It should be hot and fun.”

Alessandra Ambrosio by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine 2010

“This was my first sitting with V Magazine. I love this! And I love Brazil! This is my flag, bag, and hat! And I love Alessandra Ambrosio. There’s a certain vulgarité [to the story]. I prefer a certain vulgarité rather than bullshit bourgeoisie. I always love to mix bourgeoisie with vulgarité and I always want things to be sexy, sexy, sexy!” 

Candice Swanepoel by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia February 2011
Joan Smalls by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine #73 Fall 2011
"In my work, I never think too much. I hate brainstorming. I hate people who think too much. I’m not someone who puts references and boards like they do now—it’s in my head. I do this with instinct. When I cook, I have instinct; I’ve never opened a cookbook in my life." 

Raquel Zimmermann by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia November 2011

"Chic is about personal style, how to mix your things together. I think Adidas is to die. I’m obsessed by Adidas—obsessed. I think it’s one of the chicest things in the world. And I absolutely adore Jeremy Scott, too. I wear a lot of sneakers—Adidas by Jeremy Scott. I have a collection. You know, me, I love to collect. When I go crazy, I collect."

 Lindsay Ellingson, Simon Nessman & Vika Falileeva for Vogue Nippon, February 2012
Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, May 2012

Christy Turlington by Inez and Vinoodh for The Gentlewoman Summer 2012
"It’s energy. I love energy, I hate sad—I hate sad. I like smiling in pictures, I love some teeth. When I do my pictures, I always want teeth, fresh, divine, sexy, happy."

Brahim Zaibat by Sebastian Faena, VMAN #29 2013

“Carlyne Cerf is an eccentric,” the Parisian designer Karl Lagerfeld said of Vogue’s fashion director in 1993. “She has no idea what it means to be dull. With her energy she can add life to things that might otherwise degenerate rapidly into mere symbols of faded elegance.”

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