Tuesday, April 16, 2013


'I want to be a private pop star, like Sade or Annie Lennox'

a-Ware I'm late to the party but this woman is fuego. 
After hearing her live at the Standard a few weeks ago, I fell hard for this voice.  Her sound is something like a new-throwback. References have been made to Adele + Florence, but for me there's something R&B/soul that separates her from that group. On the album, Ware kills a big bass ballad then turns around and rides an electronic beat with a deep voice and energy that you only need half a pulse to feel. 

Her album 'Devotion', set to drop in the US Aug. 20, is currently streaming on Spotify + if you know what's good for you, you'll get that thing on repeat ASVP (!) - (yeah I'm talking Rocky, who is featured on the dope remix of Wildest Moments.) Another favorite track, 'If You've Never Gonna Move/110' is an up-tempo, feel-good beat that samples the line from Big Pun's- The Dream Shatterer, "carving my initials on your forehead" throughout the song. In an interview with the UK Guardian, she explains how nervous she was to start writing, and the way the idea for the song came about; 
 To break the tension, the pair started flicking through a hip-hop magazine, alighting on a striking image of heavyweight rapper Big Pun in a yellow PVC suit, sitting on a throne. "I decided, 'Right, I'm going to write a song about a girl trying to get him off his throne and dance'.

If you haven't already, get familiar with Jessie Ware.
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